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2 Days, 1 Night Valley Retreat (Harley Davidson Tour)

2 Days, 1 Night Valley Retreat

(Harley Davidson Tour)

From RM 2,600/pax

Kuala Lumpur: This modern cosmopolitan city is a fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian heritage combined with the colonial legacy of the British and Moorish influence. The famous Petronas Twin Towers is a must visit while you are here as well as Merdeka Square, China Town, the National Museum, Handicraft Center, Malay Village and Batik Factory.

Cameron Highlands: At 1,524 meters above sea level, this refreshing retreat is a valley of tea plantations with terraced flower gardens and vegetable farms. If you are looking for more adventure, trek through the mossy forests or go mountain hiking. Unwind at the end of the day and sample the fresh strawberries or homemade jam with a steaming hot cup of tea.



Malay Village

Located in Kampung Baru, this Malay agricultural settlement was formed by the British colonial officials in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Today, this village has ended up in the very center of this modern city, but locals have preserved their traditional way of life and still live in one or two-story wooden houses.

National Palace

Also known as the King’s Palace, this palace was originally the residence of a Chinese millionaire. During the Japanese occupation from 1942-1945, it was used by the officers until the Malaysian government bought and renovated the palace for His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor. The palace is not open to the public and can only been seen from outside the gates.

National Museum

Offering a rich insight to Malaysian history, this museum showcases traditional raised houses, ancient burial poles from the state of Sarawak and many more. The galleries feature Malaysia’s pre-history, the Malay Kingdoms, Colonial Era and Malaysia today.


Lata Iskandar Waterfall

This waterfall cascades over several tiers of granite slopes into small pools below which continue on to become a narrow stream. Make sure to take a cool and refreshing dip in the water and head to the nearby shops and stalls for some local food and fruits.

Kellie’s Castle

Built by a Scotsman named William Kellie Smith for his beloved wife and children, the castle incorporates many elements of the Hindu religion due to his fascination of India. He enlisted 70 skilled Indian workers for the construction of the mansion, but most of them contracted the Spanish Flu and died in the early 1920s. To this day, the castle remains unfinished.

Tempurung Cave

At approximately three kilometers long, it is one of the largest limestone caves in peninsular Malaysia. Tempurung Cave has three large chambers, a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites, and five large domes with ceilings that resemble coconut shells.


Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands = 2 hours 49 minutes (206 km)